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A Lot of Things

A Lot of Things is a picture book about a dad who accumulates a lot of things, some useful and some useless.

But what happens when his kids get lost underneath all his gadgets and gizmos?

This is a heart-warming story that uses rhyming and nonsensical language to captivate its audience in collaboration with an array of fascinating illustrations.

A Lot of Things is the first picture book from Ingrid Jonach, published October 2005. It is available in print format (ISBN: 9780975774106) from:


Readers have said:

Not only does this lovely book work beautifully on a verbal level, its busy-bee pictures will entrance little eyes, boggling at the collection of junk strewn from here to over there.
– KBR Team, Kids Book Review

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  1. Marion #

    Just wondering if any of your books make a reference to Canberra… I am a teacher writing a unit of work and am looking for picture book/children’s book with a reference to canberra

    September 24, 2012
    • Ingrid Jonach #

      Hi Marion!

      The Frankie books mention Sydney, but not Canberra. The only book that pops into mind is The Monster that Ate Canberra by Michael Salmon, which was first printed in the 1970s. A more recent picture book called Blossom Possum by Gina Newton mentions visiting the Prime Minister, but not Canberra. I could be wrong (and I will be so embarrassed if I am), but I think there was a reference to Canberra in Possum Magic by Mem Fox.

      I would suggest touching base with the Lu Rees Archives, an archive of children’s literature based in Canberra:

      I hope that helps!

      September 24, 2012

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