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The Frankie books mention Sydney, but not Canberra. The only book that pops into mind is The Monster that Ate Canberra by Michael Salmon, which was first printed in the 1970s. A more recent picture book called Blossom Possum by Gina Newton mentions visiting the Prime Minister, but not Canberra. I could be wrong (and I will be so embarrassed if I am), but I think there was a reference to Canberra in Possum Magic by Mem Fox.

I would suggest touching base with the Lu Rees Archives, an archive of children’s literature based in Canberra:

I hope that helps!

By: Marion Mon, 24 Sep 2012 09:23:05 +0000 Just wondering if any of your books make a reference to Canberra… I am a teacher writing a unit of work and am looking for picture book/children’s book with a reference to canberra