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Frankie goes to France

Having helped her Mum and Greg Green set their wedding date, Frankie is convinced she will be allowed to go to Paris with them on their honeymoon. She is positively preoccupied with learning French and buying a suitcase, but her colleagues want her to focus on the fight to save the local library through her newspaper The Frank Frankie. Read more

The Frank Frankie

At the start of the summer holidays, nine-year-old Frankie just wants to hang out with her best-friend-forever Billy Bloom, but boring Mr Grumble has given them a school project about what they want to be when they grow up. Read more

A Lot of Things

A Lot of Things is a picture book about a dad who accumulates a lot of things, some useful and some useless.

But what happens when his kids get lost underneath all his gadgets and gizmos? Read more