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When the World was Flat (and we were in love)

Looking back, I wonder if I had an inkling that my life was about to go from ordinary to extraordinary.

When sixteen-year-old Lillie Hart meets the gorgeous and mysterious Tom Windsor-Smith for the first time, it’s like fireworks — for her, anyway. Tom looks as if he would be more interested in watching paint dry; as if he is bored by her and by her small Nebraskan town in general.

But as Lillie begins to break down the walls of his seemingly impenetrable exterior, she starts to suspect that he holds the answers to her reoccurring nightmares and to the impossible memories which keep bubbling to the surface of her mind — memories of the two of them, together and in love.

When she at last learns the truth about their connection, Lillie discovers that Tom has been hiding an earth-shattering secret; a secret that is bigger — and much more terrifying and beautiful — than the both of them. She also discovers that once you finally understand that the world is round, there is no way to make it flat again.

An epic and deeply original sci-fi romance, taking inspiration from Albert Einstein’s theories and the world-bending wonder of true love itself.


When the World was Flat (and we were in love) is the debut young adult novel from author Ingrid Jonach, first published by Strange Chemistry 3 September 2013 and re-released 1 January 2015. It is available in ebook format (ePub ISBN: 978-0-9942305-1-5/Mobi ISBN: 978-0-9942305-0-8) from:

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Readers have said:

I’ve never had such a powerful impact from a book before – I can’t stop thinking about the story and the characters – just wondering about it all… This book is unlike anything I’ve ever read before. There are so many complex and mind-bending elements to it – not to mention the mystery, action, and the romance.
A Dream within a Dream

The mystery surrounding the two is so clever and interesting, and the whole sci-fi element is outstanding. The author holds on to the secrets throughout the novel and I was blown away the minute that they started to unravel.
Kate Ormand

WTWWF is a wonderful combination of mystery, confusion, love and science. You will get drawn into this amazing world, your perceptions will change and you will be captivated all the way to the amazing conclusion.
Book Nerd Reviews

When the World Was Flat (and we were in love) by Ingrid Jonach is a compelling and outstanding masterpiece weaving in mystery, mind-bending twists, alternate dimensions and an epic love altogether seamlessly. Perfect for fans of parallel universe and time travel romance novels like me, which makes this book perfect for me. You wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it long after you have finished reading it.
Oops! I Read a Book Again

When the World Was Flat (and we were in love) stands out from the rest with its realistic teenage characters, believable romance, wit and invention.
K. J. Taylor, author of The Fallen Moon and The Risen Sun Trilogies.

Jonach drew me in and ensnared me in her story—a fantastic blend of love, mystery and science. When the World was Flat (and we were in love) is a journey into the possibility of every moment and the myriads of self that may exist simultaneously and the resilience and perseverance of love.
Donna Maree Hanson, author of Rayessa and the Space Pirates.

When The World Was Flat (And We Were In Love) is a thoroughly original, dimension-hopping love story. The fusion of the dreamlike plot and the completely believable characters makes for an addictive read. Lillie, her friends and her mother stay in the mind for long after the final page has been turned.
Jack Heath, award-winning author of the Lab and Money Run.

The plot of this book is very unusual but it all centers around one thing: love. The relationship between Tom and Lillie is truly heart-wrenching. I caught myself tearing up on more than one occasion. A truly tragic and beautiful story about young lovers.
Brittany’s Book Rambles

This is a book that is so beautifully written it reads almost like a movie narrator guiding you through the vivid imagery that the author has created. This book was fascinating from the first page, to the very last. It was, by far, THE best book I have ever read.
Ladybug Literature

I would definitely recommend this for anyone who enjoys hard science fiction, or for someone who is looking for a science fiction romance novel with seriously flawed characters who you can’t help but fall in love with. I honestly don’t know what to compare this too, because it is so original and hauntingly beautiful and so many other things.
The A.P. Book Club

It was beautiful to read it unfold. It was like watching Romeo and Juliet guest staring in The Time Traveler’s Wife, and the ending had me undone… This is a beautiful, well thought out, wonderful story and I recommend it to anyone who loves YA, with a side of science fiction.
Julie Darley

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